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Keep it cute papi.
20 years old.
Theater student at University of Sacred Heart.
My favorite things to do are: taking long walks around town, read history and fiction books, visit local museums and art galleries. I like to meet new people and make new friends and build networks.
I am a very organized person and I believe that's why I don't really enjoy my life because I am always to busy.I love TV Series and Netflix. I love drinking tea. I love to spend time with friends and share some local history with them. I am kind of shy. I don't like to pretend something that I am not I like who I am and love the way I live my life. In the future I plan to be a theater teacher and probably open my own theater cafe.
Instagram: @executivecub & @rickyprada Kik: RickyPrada Snapchat: RickyPrada
Bye bye Borders :( #Borders #Stocks #Money #Bankrupt  (Taken with instagram)

Bye bye Borders :( #Borders #Stocks #Money #Bankrupt (Taken with instagram)

Posted: Sunday 28th August at 12:08am
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